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Second Actor is a informational website to assist anyone who wants to become an actor at any stage in their life achieve their dreams and goals. Our experience and insight coming from men and women who chose acting as a career later in life gives us a unique perspective and the skills to help you navigate the way to success through film or the stage.

Helping You Become An Actor At Any Age


There is no age limit to acting.

What do Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Bryan Cranston, Kathy Bates, Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm, Jane Lynch, Alan Rickman, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and Lucille Ball have in common? They all started acting in their 30's or later. These household names and stars of pop culture wouldn't be known to us at all fi they hadn't gone to auditions and overcome the intimidation of competing against actors who may have been in the film industry since their teenage years. 

One great advantage that you have is life experience. Learning how to bring that into your performance can be difficult to master and learning how to get the roles that you want can be confusing. Second Actor will help guide you step by step on how to get audtions, marketing, and build your resume in an easy to understand format.



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