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Audrey Helps (Second Act) Actors

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Audrey Moore; her podcast and continued support, have literally transformed my career.

The Curtain Opens on the Second Act

While I did have a vision, a goal, and a rough idea of what I wanted to do, the details were missing. I think this is really where my "Second Act" began in earnest. I met Audrey quite by accident. I had been a reader on WeAudition for a few months when I got a request from an actor, Audrey Moore, whom I, unfortunately, was not familiar with. She was an incredible actor and we had a great audition session. I later found out that she had booked the role! My friend and colleague, Brandon Fox, messaged me and said "Audrey mentioned you on her podcast!". I was like, who did what on their what!? And that was how I first learned of the her podcast, Audrey Helps Actors. (

I must have binge listened to about 3 seasons in the next week or so. The inside look at the business side of things, the detailed information provided about various aspects of an actors life, her personal information about her team, etc. were eye-opening to say the least.

The Second Act Needs a Director Too

One thing I can say for certain about Audrey is that she works hard, and expects others to do the same if they want to succeed in this career. I have not simply listened to Audrey's podcast; I have taken action on many of her suggestions. First of all I asked her to work with me one on one. Being an actor in a "fly-over" region, I wasn't sure if she could help, but she certainly did! It took me nearly 3 months to complete the work she recommended, and it was definitely a time of growth. I learned about the various markets in my region, took audition classes, attended CD workshops, and did a lot of self-tapes!

None of this was dreaded actor's "busy work". It all lead to specific knowledge and next-steps.

Putting Lessons Learned Into Practice

After completing the tasks suggested by Audrey, I worked with her privately once again and began putting the lessons learned into action. I needed my resume to match my reel, to match my headshots. I worked with Audrey and my audition coach (Courtney Cunningham) on my casting, hired a professional editor to update my reel (Thanks to Jesse Lumen!), contacted another resource recommended by Audrey, Image by Buckley (, and selected the photographer I felt could best capture the looks I was going for.

By the second time we spoke, most of these items were either in place or in process. During our second visit there was a bit of fine tuning, but it was a much shorter conversation. At the end of our second talk Audrey told me pretty much to get busy and not see her for awhile. This work was meant to be a point of departure. I've found that Audrey and the Audrey Helps Actors podcast is all about actors doing the work themselves.

Since doing all of this work I have booked my first network recurring Co-Star, and another great Co-Star role on one of the highest ranking shows currently filming!

In my upcoming blogs I'll talk more about the resources mentioned in the post above. As with all the other resources, I have received no compensation whatsoever from Audrey Moore or Audrey Helps Actors. This is a resource I use myself, and have found it to be extremely helpful! I hope you will too!!!

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