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I owe my friend and colleague Steve Shermett a great deal for referring me to WeAudition. I was hesitant to even try it, in part due to a bad case of Imposter Syndrome. I wondered what I could possibly have to offer. Well, as it turns out, if I am to believe my reviews, I have a great deal to offer, and I think almost any actor would as well.

Actors Need Actors

Dustin Hoffman said in his Master Class "actors need actors". WeAudition is a great place to find them! I often hear actors say "I need an agent", "I need more auditions", "I need to improve fill in the blank", etc. However, I think, along with, and perhaps above all those things, actors need other actors. One of my favorite things about the readers on WeAudition is that most of them are working actors who are in the trenches daily, grinding out audition after audition, training on a regular basis, and dealing with all the other aspects of an artist trying to make a living at their craft.

What You'll Find

The basic function is to allow you to find a reader on-demand to rehearse or self-tape with 24/7. You will be able to meet, rehearse, upload a script and read it alongside your readers video. In some cases you may simply need to run lines. Other times you may need help or want another actor's input when breaking down a scene. And when you're ready to self-tape, you will be able to find a reader that's just right for your particular needs. You can also

earn money being a virtual reader, but what actor needs extra money, right? ;-)

“A great website… where you can hire someone to run lines with you before an audition or be your scene partner when you self-tape. Wish I’d thought of it!”

Marci Liroff Casting (ET, Indiana Jones, Footloose, Mean Girls) Marci's Blog | Backstage

How I Use It

The way I personally use the site varies with each audition, but I'll go through my typical experience. I've been taught to "read the sides once, then put them aside". Then there is some work to be done before using WeAudition. (If you'd like more info on the particular process I use, I suggest Courtney Cunningham's one on one intensive which I will cover in a later post. Once some of my initial work is underway, I'll often contact a reader on WeAudition to simply "get the scene on it's feet" and to hear it read out loud. Later, once I'm off-book, I'll request a reader to rehearse the scene a few times to make sure I know it as well as I think I do, and maybe work on blocking, eyelines, etc. and seek input if I'm uncertain. If it's a scene with a lot of action, multiple eyelines, or some other complexities, I'll often engage a reader to tape a few on-camera rehearsals to insure I'm capturing what I need to. Lastly, when I'm certain that I am ready to perform, I will request a reader (usually someone I've read with before) to tape the scene.

Secondary Benefits for Second Act Actors

I have been absolutely thrilled with the unexpected fringe benefits! The most incredible of these is the community I've found. I now have a global network of colleagues, coaches, mentors, and friends. For a regional actor coming to this profession later in life, this has been a godsend. Staying up-to-date on current casting trends and actual castings is another great advantage. Regular practice of cold-reading and scene analysis has been a tremendous perk as well. Lastly, the extra money I make as a reader on WeAudition has allowed me to upgrade my self-tape equipment, help pay for readers, and allowed me to invest in coaching, headshots, etc. without adversely affecting our family budget.

Point of Departure

While definitely changed the course of my career, the platform actually provided a fantastic starting point. The best resources in the world aren't of much use unless I take full advantage of all they offer. The next few resources I will cover in future posts were a direct result of relationships formed on WeAudition.


I have received no compensation of any kind from WeAudition. This is a resource I have used myself and found to be helpful. I hope you will as well! Please visit and feel free to email or leave comments below.

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